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Why Photography?

Photography allows people to express themselves in an artistic way with fewer words. People share pictures through digital media online, this is how they connect. Photography allows people to share their feelings, learn and get exposed to new possibilities.

The making of
better citizens of the world

We aim to create awareness and impart knowledge to accessible members of the community who will in turn reach out to the less accessible people and further in goes the inception ring.

You've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words; but I tell you today, a nicely captured, meaningful, emotion evoking picture is worth even more in shares.

- A Millenial Poet

Where we are right now

Africa.SDGs.Photos is a project that is still in its absolute infancy stages, however, that being said we have seen some very many early adopters which leads us to beleive that we're doing something right. Alot of people (especially young adults) are already engaging with us through our social media posts, we're receiving lots of requests to tell people more about what SDGs are and we're seeing alot of recognition sparks(that we hope turn to blazing fires) happening all over the place.