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Digital Media Campaign and Photo Exhibition Events to Promote SDGs in Africa.

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Digital Media Campaign


Africa.SDGs.Photos is an initiative leveraging the power of digital media campaign and photography on promoting the sustainable development goals agenda in Africa using digital media campaigns and photography.

Digital media campaigns have proven to be among the effective ways to reach out to communities across the continent. The Africa digital community is estimated to be close to 400 Million people, approximately a quarter of the continents total population of 1.2 billion people.

Photo Exhibition

Photography allows people to express themselves in a more artistic way with fewer words. It also explains what is important to them. People share pictures through digital media online, this is how they connect. Photography allows people to share their feelings, learn and get exposed to new possibilities.

We are hoping that by using photography deeply in our initiative, we will have an easier penetration into people lives for the simple reason that captivating photos are hard to ignore and they instead evoke an intricate urge share with others.


The first phase of the Africa.SDGs.Photos is to run a continent wide digital media campaign through partnerships with technology hubs and co-creation space across the continent.


The second phase of the Africa.SDGs.Photos is digital photo challenge targeting photographers from different parts of the continent sharing photographs addressing the goals.


The third phase is the photography bootcamp, two weeks high-end SDGs training and capacity building on taking photography that promotes and addressing the goals for the finalists.


The fourth phase of the project is the regional photo exhibitions promoting the goals to the local communities with local photographers.


The last phase is announcing the continent winners and promoting their work in both local and regional markets giving them access to new partners and tools to support their photography startups.

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